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May 6, 2015
In clinic with: Michelle Gailey, Australian Professional Triathlete
October 11, 2015

Shock Wave Therapy Painful Heels

Recent patient: “I am so happy. Thanks for giving me my life back”

The team at Central Podiatry thrive off enabling people to get back to enjoying their active lifestyle. We are always thanked by people who are overwhelmed with the amazing results they get post treatment;They may arrive at the clinic almost crippled with pain and in a few days or weeks they are pain free, or have significantly reduced pain. People are always shocked but so thrilled with being able to walk without pain again after such a long time.

Shock Wave Therapy Painful Heels Case Presentation:

Presenting complaint: Both feet are severely painful feet, left and right, present for 2 years
Description of pain: Severe and sharp. Walks like a penguin. Can hardly walk some times and dreads the pain after sitting down/post rest pain. Pain level out of 10 when at its worst: 100/10. Is it specifically more pain with walking? Yes
Work: Standing on hard grounds for long periods of time
Sports: Loves walking but is unable to walk due to pain.
Location of pain: Plantar calcaneus (heel bone) and through the arch of the feet.

Provisional Diagnosis: Insertional (and band of) Plantar Fasciosis
Management plan included:
3 x sessions, 1 week apart Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
Supportive strapping and padding
Custom made Orthoses
Stretching of the excessively tight muscles
Footwear education and referral provided

Outcome: 1 week post initial visit took the pain level from 100/10 down to 10/10, with an immediate improvement in walking gait, which was observed by colleagues who were unaware of any treatment implemented. 1 week later the pain reduced down to 5/10. Another week later the pain was only felt when firm pressure was applied to the heels. Orthoses were being worn every day to work to further help in the healing and prevent re-occurrence of the injury.

Basically, we had one super excited person who went from suffering with 100/10 pain and hobbled in pain with every step, looking like a penguin walk……. to within a few weeks having no pain which lead to improved gait and overwhelming happiness.

Holly Khan
Holly Khan
Holly Khan is the principle senior podiatrist at Central Podiatry. As a passionate and competitive triathlete she has focused her skills on becoming a specialist in musculoskeletal sport injuries of the lower half of the body. Holly has thrived on freeing people of pain since commencing her podiatry profession in 2008 and is dedicated to continuing to improve her skills to gain top treatment results.

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