Diabetes and High Risk Podiatry Services

  • Diabetes Assessments and education to assess the health status of the lower extremity and prevent complication arising due to diabetes. This includes peripheral vascular, neurological and dermatological assessment, general treatment, diabetes education and a report back to your GP. Regular check-ups are provided during general treatments throughout the year.
  • Peripheral Vascular assessments are required when someone is concerned about or at risk of reduced peripheral circulation. A Doppler ultrasound is used to investigate the main arteries in the foot and ankle to determine the status of the circulation. A toe brachial index (TBI) may also need to be performed in the clinic on certain people who have abnormal results. It will indicate blood flow to the smaller vessels in the toes. This can help prevent problems such as ulceration or amputation occurring.
  • Ulceration debridement and wound dressing