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April 28, 2015
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June 30, 2015

If your’e Injured make sure you seek a quality sports rehabilitation program

If you are Injured, make sure you seek help from professions who do it right.
A quality sports rehabilitation program has the primary goals of:

  • returning an athlete to sport
  • building the athlete back up to their previous, or a higher level of performance
  • performing with a reduced risk of re-injury.

The high recurrence rate of muscle or tendon injuries has led to concern regarding the implementation and quality of commonly employed rehabilitation strategies. Several factors that likely contribute to the high rate of re-injury include:

  1. Persistent weakness in the injured muscle
  2. Reduced extensibility of the musculotendon unit due to residual scar tissue
  3. Adaptive changes in the biomechanics and motor patterns of sporting movements following the original injury.

Furthermore, modifiable risk factors that may have contributed to the original injury should also be considered in the rehabilitation program. This may include, for example, strength and control of lumbopelvic muscles.

Don’t ignore the early warning signs of pain as this may lead to a long road of recovery. Seek help for prevention of injury or for a quality rehabilitation plan of the lower extremities at Central Podiatry.

Holly Khan
Holly Khan
Holly Khan is the principle senior podiatrist at Central Podiatry. As a passionate and competitive triathlete she has focused her skills on becoming a specialist in musculoskeletal sport injuries of the lower half of the body. Holly has thrived on freeing people of pain since commencing her podiatry profession in 2008 and is dedicated to continuing to improve her skills to gain top treatment results.

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