1How did I choose podiatry?
I was first drawn to podiatry when I saw a number of lower limb issues affecting the quality of life of my family and those closest to me. The more I learned in the field of podiatry the more I came to realise the importance of full body health in maintaining the best version of a person possible. This understanding has lead my passion in helping people to apply a multidisciplinary team approach to overcoming pain, discomfort and all manner of mobility issues.
2Why do I enjoy working within the podiatry profession?
My training and career path have lead me to see the value in my role, in helping people live without the restrictions brought upon them by lower limb pathologies. Initially my career took me into the field of high risk diabetics. Here I gained a clear understanding of the link between diabetes and lower limb dysfunction. I witnessed the drastic impact diabetes can have on lives, and gained valuable experience in the treatment of chronic wounds, restoring correct function through accommodative orthotics and the rebuilding of individuals lives for a better and more educated future.
3What is my favourite specialty within podiatry?
To be stretched and tested is always my greatest passion. I feel every aspect of podiatry has the opportunity to provide that satisfaction. From general lower limb treatments, acute and chronic injury, minor surgeries and wound care in both adults and children. I look forward to keeping a well-rounded knowledge of podiatry, by treating a diverse range of conditions. This will allow an avenue for ongoing learning and development and ensure I keep up to date with the latest evidence based treatment strategies available.
4What do I enjoy doing outside of the clinic?
Outside of podiatry I work with my lovely wife to raise our three wonderful and boisterous boys. We love anything outdoors. The water has always been a part of my life, whether it be surfing, fishing or swimming, and my family have followed suit. My family and friends love it when I frequently assess their feet and fix their lower limb conditions, and I look forward to helping you achieve the best version of yourself possible too.