Central Podiatry is the foot-focused clinic

Podiatrists are specialist health professionals for the lower extremity. Therefore, we know the lower half of the body in great detail and we know how to help you with any problems you may have or help you prevent issues from occurring. id.

Holly Khan

Owner Principal

The most incredible thing about my work is restoring a person feet or legs back to good health.

Rachel Gavin


I am passionate about podiatry and it’s exactly what I want to do for the rest of my career.

Ralston Burgess


I was first drawn to podiatry when I saw a number of lower limb issues affecting the quality of life of my family and those closest to me.

Amanda Searle


Amanda has a passion for helping people, and ensuring their visit to Central Podiatry is pleasant and as smooth and stress free as possible.

What our patients say

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