Do orthotics weaken your feet?

Do orthotics weaken your feet?

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Let’s talk about ORTHOTICS!

Do orthotics weaken your feet?

This is a really common question we get in the clinic. The short answer is no. Several research studies show that by correcting the alignment of the feet, orthotics help balance the activity of the muscle groups around the lower legs. Taking the load off the overloaded muscles and increasing activity in the underactive muscles.

On the flip side there are research articles that show orthotics decrease the cross-sectional size of the small intrinsic muscles of the feet – but does this mean they are weakened? Not necessarily. Think of a bodybuilder with huge muscles vs a powerlifter with smaller sized muscles. Both are super strong, but the powerlifters muscles are functionally strong without being hypertrophied to the extent of a bodybuilder. How’s that food for thought?

We strongly believe that strengthening and stretching are just as important in the treatment of lower limb issues, but orthotics should not be dispelled if you’re worried about weakening your muscles.

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