Frequently Asked Questions

A podiatrist is a university qualified, registered healthcare professional who can assess, diagnose, manage and treat foot and lower limb conditions.

These conditions include musculoskeletal injuries, skin conditions, sporting injuries, foot arthritis, paediatric foot problems, the effects of chronic disease on lower limbs and feet along with many other injuries and ailments related to the feet and lower limbs

There is no requirement to supply a referral from your doctor to see a Podiatrist. With that said, if you have been referred, please bring a copy of the referral letter.

Yes, we regularly treat children.

Children are one of our larger patient demographics which is no surprise considering the rapid growth spurts they have and the levels of activity they participate in

If you have diabetes it is recommended that you have your feet checked at least once a year by a podiatrist. Diabetes can lead to ulcers and other complications such as gangrene and it’s important to identify these problems early.

Private health funds do cover ancillary health services that include podiatry. Whether your cover includes podiatry will depend on the level of cover that you have with your provider. Whether you are eligible to claim back your podiatry charges will depend on the scope of your insurance coverage.

Podiatry is considered an allied health profession by the Australian government and as a consequence, Medicare rebates are generally not available for visits to a podiatrist. For patients with chronic diseases and complex care needs there may be eligibility for a Medicare rebate. For Medicare benefits to be payable for podiatry services, a patient must be referred to a podiatrist by a GP. There are frequency limits to the number of visitations available however.

Whilst we do accept Veterans Affairs claims, your coverage will depend on the type of card you have. For Veterans with a Gold Card, you will be completely covered for all podiatry services. For Veterans with a White Card, DVA will fund podiatry services if they are required because of an accepted war or service-related injury or disease. We recommend speak with DVA prior to a consultation to identify your level of entitlement. We will need a referral letter from your GP in order to claim through DVA.

An enhanced primary care program is a government that allows individuals with chronic medical conditions to receive Medicare rebates for podiatry services

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